Hiboy KS4 Refurbished Electric Scooter

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Please note that refurbished scooters are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

Refurbished scooters may exhibit signs of wear, such as scratches or torn stickers, but they function correctly. However, rest assured that we offer a six-month warranty to address any potential issues. Our professional team is here to provide comprehensive post-sales support.

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$259.99 $629.99 Save $370.00
KS4 Refurbished
Convenient and Reliable Companion!

The Hiboy KS4 electric scooter seamlessly blends convenience, portability, and safety, making it an ideal companion for active lifestyles. Its foldable design effortlessly converts it into a compact package, while its smart display provides real-time ride metrics.

Convenient and Reliable Companion!
Cruise and Speed Control +
3 Brilliant Light System +
Real Dual Shock Absorber +
Stronger Scooter Pole

Stronger Scooter Pole

For providing a more comfortable and stable riding experience, the Hiboy KS4 electric scooter is wider and stronger than ordinary electric scooters with 25% wider scooter pole and a stronger deck than other adult e scooters. KS4 electric scooter for adults can easily accommodate a load of 220 lbs and scooter pole can withstand harder impacts.

Dual Shock Absorption System

Dual Shock Absorption System

KS4 electric scooter features an adjustable dual shock absorption system to reduce most shock, which provides a comfortable and stable riding environment. Update technology to achieve the highest performance, ensuring a smooth, safe and reliable riding experience.

350W powerful motor

350W powerful motor

This KS4 electric scooter is perfect for anyone looking for a fast, fun way to get around. The 350W motor provides plenty of power, and the scooter can reach speeds of up to 19 mph. It's also great for adults and children alike and can hold up to 220 pounds.

Portable and foldable system

Portable and foldable system

A foldable electric scooter that you can carry around with ease. Stylish design and can be folded to a compact size 44*17*19.3 inch, can be easily stored in your car, super convenient for outdoor last-mile riding.

Hiboy app support

Hiboy app support

Through the Hiboy App, you can view scooter riding statistics, battery power, turn on/off cruise control, do system self-checking, turn on/off kick start function. It is very easy to do setting on the App as per your own needs.

Product Details


  • Handlebar Width (inch) 16.9
  • Deck Length (inch) 18.1
  • Deck Width (inch) 6.1
  • Overall Length (inch) 44.5
  • Overall Height (inch) 46.7
  • Standing Height (inch) 41.3
  • Folded Height (inch) 20.1
  • Maximum Load 220lb
  • net weight: lbs 32.6


  • Item KS4
  • Unfolded Size 44*17*47.2inch
  • Fold Size 44*17*19.3inch
  • Max Speed 19 MPH
  • Net Weight 32.6lbs(14.8kg)
  • Max Load 220lbs / 100kg
  • Recommended Age 16-50
  • Max Range 13.6-17mile(22-27.3km)
  • Max Slope 15°
  • IP Rating IPX4
  • Battery Voltage 36V DC
  • Max Charging Voltage 42V DC
  • Capacity 7.5Ah
  • Motor Nominal Power 350W
  • CHARGING TIME 4-6 hours


  • KS4 Scooter:1
  • KS4 charger:1
  • User manual:1
  • Allen wrench:1
  • Screws:6
Ask Questions

Kindly note below instruction of Power Button, One-tab to turn on/off front light. Double-tab to switch Comfort Mode(Green S)/Sport Mode(Red S). Triple-tab to turn on/off the bottom light.

It will show MPH on phone app as your riding with correct settings . Shows MPH only on phone app not Hiboy.

We don't recommend to use in raining day.

No instructions came on the package. Please download Hiboy APP in Apple Store or Google Play, and then open the Bluetooth function of the phone, open Hiboy APP, the application will automatically scan Hiboy Scooter nearby. Simply click to pair.

With a 350W motor it should be able to hit 35k/h or 21mph. The products are set and limited at max 19MPH. And we don't recommend to increase speed beyond 19MPH.

7.8 AH. Also, we recommend to turn Cruise Control on, and choose Sport Mode to save power.

It is max. 220 lbs, however the travel range will be decreased with 220+ lbs weight.
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Absolutely love this thing! Bought it to commute around our large company facility instead of walking half a mile to each building. It works like a charm. I’m over the weight capacity by 20lbs but there is absolutely no issues with my weight.

Irma studio (Bozeman, US)
Great bang for my buck

Really great product! battery life lasts me a long time, now I can just scoot to school and work to save on gas. Thank you so much for this improvement to my commutes. I would say, some way to make bumps in the sidewalk impact as hard as they do. But thats just a suggestion for future models.

Impressive Range and Power

I've been using the Hiboy KS4 Refurbished Electric Scooter for a few weeks now, and I'm amazed by its range and power. The scooter can cover a significant distance on a single charge, allowing me to commute without worrying about battery life. The motor provides ample power, enabling me to effortlessly climb hills and accelerate quickly. The refurbishment has been done meticulously, and the scooter feels sturdy and reliable. It's a great investment for anyone in need of a dependable electric scooter.

Fantastic Performance and Value for Money

I am extremely satisfied with the Hiboy KS4 Refurbished Electric Scooter. The scooter delivers exceptional performance, allowing me to easily navigate through the city streets. The battery life is impressive, providing a long-lasting ride. The scooter's build quality is top-notch, and despite being refurbished, it looks and feels like a brand new product. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable electric scooter.

Great Value for a Refurbished Scooter

The Hiboy KS4 Refurbished Electric Scooter offers exceptional value for its price. As a refurbished unit, it comes at a significantly lower cost compared to a brand new scooter, but the quality and performance are still outstanding. The scooter's components have been carefully inspected and restored, ensuring optimal functionality. It's a budget-friendly option without compromising on the riding experience. I highly recommend considering the refurbished Hiboy KS4 for those looking for a reliable electric scooter without breaking the bank.