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Best Electric Scooters with Seats for Adults 2024

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E-scooters are raging as a comfortable yet affordable means of transportation as it does not use gas but electricity. If you are fond of electric scooters, you must be well aware of the popularity of the variant with seats which is on the rise these days. You may find several designs in an e-scooter, but a seat makes the ride more comfortable and can be one of the crucial factors in choosing an e-bike.

A perfect seat also enables you to travel long distances and carry various things with you. 

We are here to make your experience delightful by adding a list of the top 5 electric scooters with seats for adults. But first, let us emphasize the factors you may need to consider while opting for the best electric scooter with seat.

Factors for Consideration when Choosing an Electric Scooter with Seat

1. Importance of range and battery life

The traveling range of an e-scooter determines its capacity to go on for a specific distance on a single charge. It all depends on its battery. The higher the battery's power, the longer it goes after a charge. 

2. Considerations for motor power and speed

An e-bike with a top-notch motor built equips you with good power to race your e-bike on rough terrains too. Many e-bikes have wheels with attached brushless DC motors. A dual-motor e-bike is robust with more capacity and runs super fast. But having a minimum of 250 watts motor for an average and decent run is excellent.

3. Weight capacity and build quality

You must focus on the build quality of the e-bike as it must have a decent quality to carry the rider's weight easily. A majority of e-scooters are capable of carrying 230 to 280 lbs. If you are a rider with heavyweight, it is better to go with an e-bike that can bear some pounds more than your weight. It will affect the bike's performance and portability as well. Good build quality may be heavier to turn quickly but more stable, especially during rain or slippery roads.

4. Suspension and comfort features

You can consider three types of suspensions: rubber, electric, and air piston or hydraulic type. A combo of spring and a hydraulic suspension system is ideal if you want a convenient and comfortable ride. It makes your ride smooth and gives you a feeling of comfort, preventing sudden jerks. 

5. Additional features and accessories

Certain additional features such as fat tires, LCD screen, and smooth braking system provide additional leverage in making your decision to purchase an e-bike easy. Other accessories such as bike bags, bottle cages, extra battery packs, and bike lights can be helpful to look for while opting for an e-bike.

Top 5 Electric Scooters with a Seat for Adults

Here are the top 5 picks for electric scooters with seat options. Check them out.

Hiboy S2 pro

Hibioy S2 Pro is a beautiful, cost-efficient, eco-friendly, lightweight
electric scooter for heavy adults with seat. Its battery goes up to 25 miles after being fully charged. You can ride it at a speed of 19 mph. It has a stable and robust yet compact build with aluminum frames to lighten the vehicle's weight. For your safety, dual brakes provide extra support while riding. With LED headlights, you get a sharp vision even in the dark.


  • Sturdy design with an option for attaching a seat.
  • Water resistant rating of IP54.
  • Tires with flat resistance.
  • Availability of a quick acceleration curve.
  • Availability of a mobile app.


  • It may be heavier for some people.
  • The price may not be affordable for people with a low budget.

Price Range and Availability: It comes for $734.99; however, at a discount, you can avail of it at $499.99. It is available on Amazon too.


Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter

If you are on the surge for an e-bike with bigger wheels, this one will not disappoint you. With a 16 inches wheel size and a top speed of 18mph, it is a good bargain for a decent look. Its motor is a 500W robust motor. It enables carrying of a lot of stuff in its basket and luggage rack that can also be removed. You can use it for 1 hour after a single charge. 


  • Padded and comfortable seat.
  • Bamboo deck.
  • The luggage carrier with the basket is detachable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight.


  • Requires charging for 12 hours only to ride for 10 miles.
  • Not a comfortable option for long rides.

Price Range and Availability: It is available at $629.99 at Walmart.

Mercane Widewheel Pro

If you are looking for an electric scooter with a seat low price, then the Mercane Widewheel Pro can be your option. It is a perfect bike for those who love off-roading. You can easily climb an inclination of 30 degrees with its 4-inch wide wheels. It has a range of 22 miles and does not need any maintenance. It can carry up to 265 lbs, an excellent capacity for heavy riders.


  • Seat attachment is optional.
  • An essential lock function is available.
  • Acceleration is responsive.
  • Wheels are sturdy and fat.
  • Can climb on hills easily.


  • It takes more work to take sharp turns.
  • It has a low mileage.

Price Range and Availability: You can avail it at $1129 from Amazon or local markets.

Inokim Quick 4

With a light weight of 47 lbs, this e-scooter has a wheel size of 10 inches. It has an aluminum build that makes it portable and lightweight. With its built-in lights and drum brakes in the rear and front sections, you get a good grip on the road. Its LCD is easy to use and provides all the necessary information about the bike.


  • Amazing acceleration capabilities.
  • Superb ride quality.
  • Availability of rear and front suspension.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Large LCD.


  • For a full charge it takes 7 long hours.
  • It may need more budget for users with budget constraints.

Price Range and Availability: At $1,499, it is an e-bike with unique features and can also be availed from Amazon.

Segway Ninebot ES2

If you are looking for a stylish yet pocket-friendly option, this e-bike is the thing for you. It takes around 3.5 hours to charge fully, and you can make it compact by folding it in a single tap. You get front LED flights as a built-in option. The shock absorption capabilities at the back and front give you a smooth riding experience. It has a good mile range of 15.5mph.


  • Sleek design.
  • Portable.
  • Color lights can be customized.
  • Lightweight.
  • Availability of cruise control.


  • On uneven roads, it gives a bumpy ride.
  • It may need more budget for some users.

Price Range and Availability: You can avail it at Amazon or local markets, and it has a price of around $649.99


An e-scooter with an attached seat is a boon for heavy riders or someone looking to travel long distances on e-bikes. Most variants of e-bikes are available with detachable seats. This comfort option makes an e-bike a more valuable and lucrative commute option.

We would like to provide comprehensive and detailed information about the options for the best electric scooter with seat. After a thorough analysis, Hiboy S2 Pro is an excellent option for heavy riders as it combines style and comfort. Plus, it is affordable, so it's lighter on your pockets, making it an ideal e-bike choice with a seat.