Leon Wang:16 Aug, 2023

Climbing Champions: The 5 Best Electric Scooters for Climbing Uphill


The US market is witnessing a boom since the rising electric scooter market. The sales for 2023 are also projected on a higher side of US$ 695.90m. So, is this an indication of the growing popularity of electric scooters in the US?

Well, they are taking over the market like a storm because of the convenience, speed, foldable design, and ability to squeeze in heavy traffic. Moreover, with adequate motor power and inclination capabilities, electric scooters can quench the thirst for an uphill climb if you are a sporty soul. 

However, with so many brands, variants, and functionalities to offer, it is evident to feel lost while opting for the best electric scooters for climbing uphill

So we are here to showcase the top 5 options for electric scooters so you can take uphills well.

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Criteria for Selection

For a better evaluation of considering the best electric scooters for climbing uphills, there are certain key factors you need to ponder upon. If you know about motor power, battery life, weight, and overall build quality of an electric scooter, you can grab an efficient find for yourself. 

Let us see what role these key factors play in judging hill-climbing capabilities and how they aid a better selection of an electric scooter for an adventure freak. 

Motor Power: Good motor power helps you tackle most terrains and provides inclination during an uphill climb—an average 350 watts motor results in 21 mph speed, suitable for 20 degrees of slope.

Battery Life:

If you are going for an uphill climb, it will have a load on the electric scooter's battery. Moreover, it cannot cover farther distances if the battery discharges repeatedly. So, it should be a powerful one. 


The weight of the electric scooter lead to an impact on its range and motor power. An apt size will help you cover a capable distance and use its maximum potential.

Overall Build Quality: 

The overall build quality of the electric bike must be sturdy, like having an aluminum frame, and must be able to take the rider's weight. 


The Top 5 Electric Scooters for Climbing Hills

Since you know the factors necessary to opt for the right e-bike for an uphill climb now is the time to check out the top 5 electric scooters for climbing hills.

#1 Hiboy Titan Pro

Hiboy Titan Pro is a marvelous reincarnation of an electric vehicle apt for uphill climbers. Its high-end motor of 1200W gives a speedy ride making it stand out among commuter scooter groups. It is a fierce beast that lands smoothly even after high jumps owing to its impressive resistant capabilities. The intelligent display assists in gauging various specs like speed and miles covered, along with battery position details. 

Key Specs:

Max Speed: 32 mph

Max Range: 40 miles

Product Weight: 61.7 lb

Max Climbing Capability: 35°

Price: $799.99


  • Capable 10-inch thick tires are apt for the uphill climbing experience.
  • Double disc brakes provide extra grip on the surface while riding.
  • The foldable design enhances its portability to be carried anywhere. 
  • It easily supports the weight of heavy riders with its 24-inch foot pedal.


  • It's on the heavier side owing to its built quality.
  • Older riders with no inclination towards off-roading may find it a bit fast. 

#2 GoTrax G5

Our second pick for the best electric scooters for climbing uphill is GoTrax G5. It has a lightweight structure with a 500 watts motor, making it apt for uphill climbers. The 10-inch pneumatic air tires give it a good grip on the ground, the front suspension smooths the riding experience, and the drum brakes in the front and rear sections allow speed control.

Key Specs:

Max Speed: 20 mph

Max Range: 25 miles

Product Weight: 44 lbs

Max Climbing Capability: 15°

Price: $600


  • Comfortable and spacious deck for adult riders.
  • Availability of cruise control.
  • Availability of three different speeds.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The numbers on combination locks are displayed in a small size which makes them difficult to read.
  • Bright daylight makes it hard to read the display.

#3 TurboAnt V8

Our 3rd pick for the best electric scooters for climbing uphill is TurboAnt V8 which is meant to travel miles without stopping. Its 450 watts capacity with dual batteries, pneumatic wheels of 9.3 inches, and suspension at both ends makes it a great buy. However, if you want to show it off to your friends, this variant only holds points for looks and style. 

Key Specs:

Max Speed: 20 mph

Max Range: 50 miles

Product Weight: 47.6 lbs

Max Climbing Capability: 15°

Price: $799.98


  • It can cover 50 miles approx in a single charge.
  • It gives an extra range along with power with its dual batteries.
  • It has a removable battery that can be swapped or recharged anywhere.
  • It can accommodate larger foot sizes owing to its good deck space.


  • There is no choice in color options.
  • It may be heavier to carry for older peeps.

#4 UberScoot 

UberScoot is our 4th pick for the best electric scooters for climbing uphill. Its sturdy and compact build can easily take on 256 lbs of rider's weight, while its foldable design offers impressive portability. The front and rear lights provide the better importance of the traveled pathway. It is an ideal e-scooter for teenagers and young adults looking for adventure.

Key Specs:

Max Speed: 20 mph

Max Range: 12 miles

Product Weight: 117 lbs

Max Climbing Capability: 15°

Price: $788.72


  • The seat can be removed.
  • Single yet powerful engine.
  • It quickly switches to economy mode and saves power when needed.
  • Heavy build quality makes it sturdy.


  • It requires many charges for more extended travel.
  • There is no mobile app for checking e-scooter's updates.

#5 Segway Ninebot MAX

Our last buy, Segway Ninebot MAX, can be switched between urban and hilly terrains. It also offers portability and a massive power of 350 watts, making the climb easier. With its pneumatic tires, you can also experience a suspension at both ends to provide a smooth riding experience.

Key Specs:

Max Speed: 18.6mph

Max Range: 40 miles

Product Weight: 42 lbs

Max Climbing Capability: 20°

Price: $999.99


  • It has both power and portability.
  • It has a sturdy frame.
  • It gives you a more extended range.
  • Very comfortable.


  • Too heavy on pockets.
  • Not meant for hill climbing of higher inclination.

Table Intuitive Comparison and Analysis

After getting a glimpse of the capabilities all five electric scooters offer, it's time to compare them quickly.

Brand Name

Hiboy Titan Pro

GoTrax G5

TurboAnt V8


Segway Ninebot MAX








2400 W

500 W

450 W





44  lbs

47.6 lbs

58 lbs

42 lbs


32 mph

20 mph

20 mph

24-26 mph

18.6 mph


40 miles

25  miles

50 miles

12 miles

40.4 mile







Frequently Asked Questions

Are all electric scooters suitable for riding on hills?

Are all electric scooters suitable for riding on hills? Not necessarily; not every electric scooter was intended to climb steep hills. Some scooters feature more robust motors with increased torque, making them better suited to climbing uphill rides than others. When selecting an uphill-riding electric scooter it's essential that its specifications and features be assessed to accurately ascertain its hill-climbing abilities.

How steep of hills can electric scooters handle?

Every scooter differs when it comes to its hill climbing ability - some can manage moderate inclines while others are designed specifically to handle steeper gradients. Check your manufacturer's specs for details about which gradient your chosen scooter can safely traverse.

Can I upgrade the motor or battery of my scooter for better hill climbing?

Some electric scooters might offer upgrade options, but not all can be easily upgraded. It's recommended to choose a scooter with the desired specifications from the start rather than relying on aftermarket modifications.

Are electric scooters designed specifically to climb hills more expensive?

Scooters designed specifically to climb hills tend to feature stronger motors and larger batteries, which may cause their prices to increase relative to basic models; however, their increased performance could make the investment worthwhile if you frequently ride hilly terrain.

What type of maintenance should an electric scooter used on hills require?

Regular inspection and servicing such as checking tire pressure and brakes as well as keeping it clean are necessary. In addition, be mindful of battery health and charging habits since hill climbing demands may shorten its life over time.


We hope we clear out the clouds of your mind regarding the electric scooter by providing you with the options of the best electric scooters for climbing uphill. If you are a frequent uphill climber, you must be aware that a good vehicle can make the climb easier and double the fun and convenience. Various factors like battery life, bike's weight, rider's weight, motor power, and build quality of the bike matter a lot for uphill rides too. 

But, before you settle with an e-bike variant for an uphill ride, be aware of your needs and preferences, like the budget for buying the bike, the range it can cover in a single charge, and the inclination you wish to cover. After comparing various parameters thoroughly, we can conclude that Hiboy Titan Pro is the best buy that fits and aces almost all the parameters a climber looks for. Happy biking.