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Hiboy S2 Review - Electric Boarding Company

The Electric Boarding Company took the Hiboy S2 e-scooter for a test run on the streets of Chicago this weekend, and pushed its limits to find out why the Hiboy e-scooter is a 5-star customer favorite. Boasting excellent specifications and a long range model compared to its peers, this electric city scooter has a lot to brag about!

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Hiboy S2 - Performance Review

The Hiboy S2 e-scooter boasts a top speed of 18 mph, marginally slower than the Hiboy Max e-scooter model, but with a steadier ride feel. However with the average speed of commuters dodging traffic and riding on narrow streets, we encourage you to not break 10-13 mph when on your morning commute! This Hiboy electric scooter also has a range of 15.5 miles, allowing for 2-3 days of commuting before needing to recharge your battery! While the Hiboy S2 boasts thick rubber tires, it also has a comfortable wide foot platform for all users, providing better balance and stability on the move. This light and affordable e-scooter has a weight capacity of 260 lbs, tailored also to heavier riders while able to reach peak performance. The added front and rear light also enable visibility after dark, meaning this safe electric scooter is a beacon to drivers as it cruises down roads. With side streets not always that well lit, it’s certainly a required add on.

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Hiboy S2 - Affordable E-Scooter Model

Hiboy electric scooters are known for quality to price. With various other industry pioneers charging a lot more and close to $1000 for electric scooters with added gadgets and various tools, the Hiboy S2 model still boasts an onboard display and simplistic sleek design, for no more than $400. While rideshare electric scooters are not only damaged or worn out more often than not, the accumulated cost per year of commuting using your standard city scooters severely outweighs the initial purchase of a Hiboy S2 electric scooter. As the average public transport commuter in inner city districts spends 3-8$ p/day on commuting fees, after just a few months the Hiboy e-scooter becomes a more cost-efficient, hygienic (avoiding public transport) form of commuting. Our customers have found when combining performance, pricing and the general feel of this particular model, hardly any models truly compare.

The Best Commuter E-Scooter

The Hiboy S2 electric scooter is portable and easy to use for everyone, that’s why we love it! From teenagers looking for a cooler way to get to school, college students running late to class (again!), or commuters looking for a more sustainable mode of transportation, the Hiboy S2 is everything you need. Foldable and light at 30 lbs or so, you can keep it safe by your desk and carry it through your building at ease. With a vast number of users in NY, Chicago and Floridian beach side towns, the Hiboy has become a West Coast bestseller and you ought to keep an eye for one cruising down Santa Monica boulevard!

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