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Everything You Need To Know About Electric Scooter Battery

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Nowadays, as a lighter and more affordable substitute than electric vehicles and electric bikes, more and more people choose to use electric scooters to set on a journey.

Electric scooters are very suitable for short trips, commuting, going to school, and suitable for various lifestyles.

Compared with other vehicles, electric scooters' maintenance cost is meager, and they hardly need maintenance. However, bad charging habits will greatly shorten electric scooters' battery service life. On the contrary, keeping good usage habits can prolong its service life and bring you the best riding experience.

In this article, we will bring you all the information about the battery of the electric scooter.

the important of electric scooter battery

How to charge an electric scooter battery?

The batteries on electric scooters are rechargeable, so there is no need to replace them every time they run out of electricity. Generally speaking, the product manual accompanying the purchase of electric scooters has detailed charging procedures. We recommend that you charge according to the steps in the product manual. If you accidentally lose the user manual, most manufacturers nowadays avail their products’ manual documents on their website, and you can easily download and consult it.

Most electric scooters are plug-in chargers, and the charging port is placed in an obvious position, and in most cases, a cover is provided to prevent dust from entering. The advantage of a plug-in charging system is that you can charge without removing the battery from the electric scooter, sh plug the charger into the battery socket and plug the other end into the charging port on the electric scooter. There is an indicator light on the scooter, which lights up when the battery is being charged.

If you want to know how to charge the electric scooter's battery, please make sure to charge it according to the manufacturer's guide so as not to damage the battery and shorten its service life. A common mistake of scooter users is that the charging time is too long, leading to the imbalance of the chemical composition of the components that make up the battery, thus affecting the battery's service life. To avoid overcharging the battery, please observe the charging progress of the battery of the electric scooter, and unplug the power supply after being fully charged.

When to charge an electric scooter?

Generally, we recommend that you charge your battery about one hour after riding. This can give the battery enough time to cool down before charging, thus prolonging the battery's service life.

Please remember that you should charge the electric scooter after each ride. Avoid storing the electric scooter with a battery that stores a small amount of charge, which will cause the battery to depreciate rapidly. It is necessary to charge electric scooters after each ride, which can prolong the service life of batteries and provide them with enough power for the next ride.

Another important rule of when to charge the electric scooter's battery is to fully charge the battery when the electric scooter is not used for a long time. When the scooter battery becomes low, it will lead to battery depreciation, thus affecting its service life. If your electric pedal car is not used for a long time, please make sure to charge it once a month.


How long does an electric scooter battery last before replacement?

When you own an electric scooter, the battery's storage capacity will decrease with the increase of usage times, and it is inevitable to replace the battery of the electric scooter. You may notice that after using the battery for a period of time, you will shorten the time interval for charging, and finally, the battery will keep the charge for no more than a few minutes. When this happens, it's time to change the battery.

So, how long can the battery of the electric scooter last? Generally, an electric scooter's battery lasts for 2-4 years and lasts for 3,000 to 5,000 miles, depending on the storage, use conditions, and battery capacity. If you use the scooter too much or store it improperly, the battery life will be affected.

How much does it cost to replace an electric scooter battery?

The battery is one of the most valuable parts of a scooter, and the cost of replacing it may be 15% to 30% of the original price of the scooter. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make the most of your existing batteries.

For example, the battery price of the Hiboy electric scooter is generally $89.

How many times can you charge an electric scooter battery?

Electric scooters may go through 300 to 500 charging cycles before starting to lose battery capacity. High-quality brand batteries may last for more than 1000 charging cycles. If you properly maintain the battery, you will prolong the charging cycle.

How to make the electric scooter battery last longer?

After proper maintenance, your electric scooter's battery should last for a long time, even for up to five years, before you need to replace the battery.

To maximize the battery life of the scooter, please follow the following best practices:

  • Avoid overcharging
  • Charge after each ride
  • Leave the electric scooter in a dry place
  • Use the correct charger for electric scooter
  • Let your scooter battery cool before charging
  • Don't fully deplete your electric scooter battery
  • Keep the battery charged if you plan to store your scooter


If you use the scooter for a long time, please follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to charge the battery of the scooter, which will help keep the battery of your electric scooter healthy. Remember to charge the battery after riding, avoid the influence of heat and cold, and use the charger approved by the manufacturer.