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Hiboy C1 Folding Electric Bike: Pre-Sale Starts! Lightweight Travel, Stylish Style

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Are you tired of crowded commutes and polluted environments? You may not use a suitable mode of fun for an exciting travel experience. Whether you are interested in electric bikes or seeking one to give to someone on special occasions, Hiboy electric bikes and scooters have always been a smart choice for all individuals like urban commuters, leisure riders, and environmentally conscious people. 

Hiboy has been serving consumers who value stylish design and innovative products for years. Now, if you are looking for a convenient, comfortable, and personalized way to travel, the Hiboy C1 electric bike is here to level up your travel and rides, adding joy and fun to the regular commute. Stay tuned to explore its specs and features. 

An Overview of Hiboy C1 Folding Electic Bike 

Day after day, you commute through traffic and crowded alleys chasing your dreams. After delving deeply into the needs of urban commuters, hiboy discovered that many people long for a way to reduce traffic congestion and save time and energy. At the same time, they also wish for this mode of transport to showcase their personal style and offer a comfortable riding experience.

Regardless of the end result - your destination, you can at least make your travel and journeys wonderful with simple joys, free from congestion and disturbing noise. Here's why the Hiboy C1 electric bike is built for you - exploring the power of simple outdoor joys. 

Hiboy is dedicated to providing consumers with more convenient, comfortable, and eco-friendly transportation options. With user-centric micro-mobility solutions, Hiboy aims to make the daily commute feel less dull and ordinary. Hiboy C1 electric bike syncs with the beat of your city to help you tune in while you commute day in and through the night.

So whether you have a class or lecture to attend or need to reach the office on time, the Hiboy C1 Folding Electric Bike is here to help you avoid the cramped public spaces on your way to work, not taking up too much time or space, matching your tunes. 

Hiboy C1 Electric Bike Specifications

Let us take a glimpse at the Hiboy C1 electric bike specifications to quickly familiarize yourself with its offerings and know if it is the electric bicycle you were looking for to explore the unknown and daily commute. 



Product Name

C1 Electric Bicycle

IP Rating 


Input Voltage 

100 to 240v AC

Output Voltage

DC42V 1.5A

Maximum Charging Voltage 


Rated Voltage


Unfolded Dimensions 

129 cm x 109 cm x 50 cm (62.6 inch x 42.9 inch x 19.7 inch)

Maximum Speed

20 mph{32KM/h}

Pure Electric Riding Dist. (Load 230lbs]

21.7 miles {35 KM}

Pedal Assist Riding Dist. (Load 230lbs]

43.5 miles {70 KM}

Max Angle of Climb


Variable Speed

3-speed modes

Frame Material

High carbon steel

Seat Material 

Nanotechnology leather 

Rated Capacity

7.8 AH

Wheel Motor Rated Power

350 W

Wheel Motor Maximum Power

648 W


Pneumatic tire 14 x 2.125

Recommended Age

16 to 50 years 

Maximum Load

105 kgs (230 lbs)

Net Weight 

22.7 kgs (50.1 lbs)

Charging Time 

5 to 6 hours

Hiboy C1 Electric Bike Design Philosophy 

The Hiboy C1 Folding Electric Bicycle
is here to help you change your travel game with more fun-filled yet simple and eco-friendly transportation. Rediscover the little joys of moving around town with the new launch. Let's glance at the design philosophy of the C1 that incorporates the following aspects:

1. Lightweight and Portable

The Hiboy C1 electric bicycle with unibody structural design and high-carbon steel frame, achieving a remarkable balance between lightness and a sturdy frame structure, making it easy to carry and ride. Even during peak commuting hours, you can easily weave through crowds without fear of congestion.

2. Fashionable Style

The Hiboy C1 electric bicycle's streamlined appearance and fashionable design perfectly embody modern urban style. Whether you are navigating city streets or leisurely cycling in the park, the C1 will be an eye-catching sight.

And C1 adopts an internal wiring design, hiding the wires inside the frame, which not only makes the appearance more concise and elegant but also improves the waterproof performance, allowing you to ride easily even on rainy days

3. Convenient Control

The Hiboy C1 electric bicycle features an ergonomic design that provides a comfortable riding posture and control experience. Even beginners can quickly get started with the bike and enjoy the fun of cycling.

Hiboy C1 Electric Bike Detail and Features

Here are the details of the features and functions of the Hiboy C1 electric bicycle to help you explore the offerings of this stunning electric bike. 

1. Display 

The display between the handlebars assists you with many essential functions for a smooth ride. C1's intuitive LCD meter displays power, voltage, mileage, speed, time, and more details. It acts as your personal coach, pushing you to be the best person for each ride and telling you important information about your ride. Let's look at all you can find on the bike's display. 

  1. Speed display: Shows the real-time speed of the bike.
  2. Mode display: 3-speed modes, i.e., Eco, Comfort, and Sport modes.
  • Eco: Energy saving mode- 9.3 MPH (15km/h)
  • D: Comfort mode- 15.5 MPH(25km/h)
  • S: Sport mode- 20 MPH(32km/h)
  1. Light display: The icon lights up when the light is on and turns off when the light is off.
  2. Lock display: The icon lights up when the bike is locked and turns off when it is unlocked.
  3. Power display: Shows the current percentage of bike power.
  4. Bluetooth display: Lights up when the bike's Bluetooth is turned on.
  5. Fault display: If there is a bike failure, it will be displayed along with a fault code.

2. Unleash Powerful Performance with Max 648 W Motor

The powerful motor makes the Hiboy C1 electric bike conquer the city commute, bringing you a more fun and efficient riding experience. Equipped with a Max Robust 648W Motor, it delivers thrilling acceleration and power. You can easily conquer steep inclines with a maximum 20% angle of climb.

3. Top Speed of Electric Riding and Pedal Assist

If you are relying on pure electric riding with a load of 230 lbs, you can cover a distance of 22.7 miles (or 35 km). On the contrary, if you prefer pure pedal assist riding, you can cover a distance of 43.5 miles (or 70 km).

4. 36V x 7.8 AH Removable Battery

The Hiboy C1 electric bike has a powerful 36V 7.8Ah removable battery, providing extended use on a single charge. It is a robust, reliable, and efficient option with a modern, stylish, and sleek design, perfect for anyone looking for style and substance.

5. Designed for All Ranges of Commutes

The 648W motor, 7.8Ah battery, and 14-inch pneumatic tires of the Hiboy C1 electric bike can hit speeds up to 22.7 mph (with electric assistance) and travel up to 43.5 miles on a single charge. It can easily handle 20-degree hills and is suitable for all groups between 16 and 50 years. Charge the battery once in a maximum of 5 to 6 hours, and you are good to go to cover long miles.

6. Take Ride Control with the Hiboy App

Easily connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to the Hiboy App. Seamlessly lock your scooter for added security and enjoy the convenience of customizing speed and cruise control settings.


Gear Up for a Smooth and Comfortable Ride 

For the past four years, Hiboy has dedicated its efforts to crafting practical and affordable electric mobility solutions. With a focus on safety and affordability, the company aims to provide accessible transportation alternatives, steering away from expensive and high-maintenance vehicles. Hiboy emphasizes diverse designs tailored to various riding preferences, crafting reliable electric transportation products to enhance the convenience and enjoyment of everyday commuting.

While the official launch of the impressive Hiboy C1 Electric Bike is due, pre-sale has started to book advance orders. If you have never experienced the joy of smooth and convenient riding, now is the perfect time to book your order with Hiboy. Join the pre-sale list today and get pre-sale discounts to avail yourself of budget-friendly deals for premium gifting to yourself or your loved ones. Experience the joy of commuting with the Hiboy C1 electric bike.

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