Hiboy Official:15 Jul, 2023

Hiboy Max Pro: The Ultimate Urban Commuter and Outdoor Adventure Companion

Hiboy Max Pro


Electric scooters were introduced to deliver fun with convenience. These lightweight scooters offer a much quieter means of transport, less noise pollution, low operating costs, and ease of use. Keeping these benefits in mind, Hiboy Max Pro electric scooter was launched to introduce mobility to every rider, including the ones with health issues. 

Elevating its key selling points, Hiboy boasts a powerful battery life/range with versatile riding modes to deliver a comfortable experience to the riders. Its enhanced safety features, convenient folding mechanism, smart app integration, and hassle-free maintenance make it an excellent pick for daily commuters and adventure lovers. Let's quickly dive in to get deeper insights into the Hiboy Max Pro electric scooter and explore its rich features and other functions.

Enhanced Features of Hiboy Max Pro!

Hiboy Max Pro is the latest inclusion to the Hiboy Max series of electric scooters and is an enhanced version of Hiboy Max. Hiboy Max Pro is a high-performance electric scooter that offers a speed of up to 22 MPH for a comfortable ride. It lets you ride about 46.6 miles on a flat road with a load of 165 lbs (payload 265 lbs). It has an IP rating of IPX4 (battery IPX4) and offers a ring bell for a joyous ride.

Here is a list of the rich features and functions that make the Hiboy Max Pro an excellent choice for daily commuting, travel, and adventures.

Powerful Battery for Extended Range

Now you can discover the ultimate urban exploration companion empowered by its extended range for effortless daily commutes. Hiboy Max Pro features a strong battery capacity of a nominal voltage of 48V (with a maximum charging voltage of 54.6V) and a nominal capacity of 15Ah 720 WH. 

Its battery management system prevents overheating and short circuits and protects against overcurrent and overcharge; it can cover relatively long distances with a single charge of up to 46.6 miles to give you riding freedom and cover the extra mile. 

Versatile Riding Modes and Motor Power

Hiboy Max Pro has three different riding modes available, viz.,

  • Energy Saving Mode (Eco): Max speed of 11 MPH 
  • Drive Mode (D): Max speed of 16 MPH
  • Sport Mode (S): Max speed of 22 MPH

Hiboy Max Pro also lets you unleash powerful performance with a robust Hall brushless DC motor of 500W (maximum power 650W) motor capable of handling various terrains and road conditions and delivering thrilling acceleration and power. It lets you easily conquer steep inclines as Max Pro tackles hills with a maximum gradient of 20 degrees. 

Comfortable Riding Experience

Max Pro's front and rear suspension system delivers you a smooth, luxurious, and comfortable riding experience with its 11-inch air-filled tires to conquer any terrain with ease.

With the aid of shock absorption, and 11-inch pneumatic tires, riders get stability even on uneven and rough surfaces, including bumpy roads. The front tire helps the front drum brake, and the rear tire has an electronic and drum brake.  

Enhanced Safety Features

Hiboy Max Pro also elevates your safety measures with the inclusion of tail lights and enhanced ambient side lights for increased visibility and safety during night rides. It has a light control button and a 3.0 W LED light with the inclusion of a rear tail light. The main frame has a maximum steering angle of 45 degrees on each side. Also, it comes with a reflective sticker to avoid any accidents and injuries during nighttime or weather conditions of low visibility. 

Additionally, Hiboy Max Pro also delivers enhanced safety and responsive braking. Riders can confidently ride with its integrated front and rear dual brake system. 

Hiboy Max Pro offers an expanded deck for enhanced standing comfort, and its anti-slip design ensures a secure grip to empower riders to enjoy their journeys to the fullest, ensuring peace of mind for every journey. With overall safety provided by Max Pro, riders are in for worry-free commuting anytime and anywhere. 

Convenient Folding Mechanism

Hiboy Max Pro has the ability of a one-step folding design feature that allows easy and quick folding in under a minute. Riders can step on the folding lever between the stem and the deck to collapse the scooter. Once folded, it is pretty easy to carry anywhere. Its compact size after folding is 47.24" *23.62"  (unit: Inch)  for easy storage in garages, offices or elsewhere.

Smart App Integration

Hiboy Max Pro comes with an intelligent app functionality that connects via Bluetooth to control and monitor the electric scooter. Riders can connect their smartphones with Bluetooth to the Hiboy app and lock their scooters for added security. 

Besides security, the app lets you monitor the battery levels and features remote control capabilities for an innovative and convenient travel experience. You can enjoy the convenience of customizing speed and cruise control settings.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Hiboy Max Pro features an innovative split hub design that simplifies the process of replacing inner tubes in the tires. It includes two extra inner tubes and an air pressure detector to address air leakage issues. The handgrip and foot pad material is made up of silica gel, and the aluminum electric scooter body provides parking on foot braces for hassle-free maintenance. 

The product includes a charger, Allen wrench (3), user manual, screw (8), air pressure monitor, two inner tubes (front and rear), and reflective stickers for the front fork (2) to maintain the electric scooter without trouble.

Hiboy Max Pro Specifications at a Glance 

As you now know the features of Hiboy Max Pro, we have summarized them below for a glance. Have a look at its robust features in a nutshell. 

Maximum Range 

46.6 Miles 

Traversable Terrain

Asphalt/flat pavement;obstacles<1 cm; gaps <3 cms

Maximum Load

265 lbs (120 kgs)

Waterproof (IP) Rating



47.24 x 20.87 x 51.18 inches


Hall Brushless DC Motor 500 W (maximum 650 W)


48 V 15 Ah Li-ion Battery

Storage Time 

3 months (after a full charge)


11-inch, air-filled pneumatic tire

Product Weight 

Net Weight: 23.4 kgs +/-

Gross Weight: 28.9 kgs +/-

Recommended Age 

16 years to 50 years old

Maximum Climbing Capability 


Brake System 

Front and rear drum brakes + rear electronic brakes + drum brakes

(E-braking and disc-braking) 

Shock Absorption

Front and rear suspension 




Side brake light + tail light

Charging Duration

8 hours to 9 hours 


LED Digital

The Bottom Line 

Hiboy Max Pro electric scooter features sturdy benefits to give riders a comfortable and joyous riding experience. Undoubtedly, it is a reliable and versatile means of transportation for city dwellers and outdoor adventurers, and its folding mechanism allows carrying it anywhere. Moreover, on a single charge, it travels up to 46 miles long distances. With the support of the Hiboy app, riders can turn on/off lights and lock/unlock the scooter, set the max speed, and turn on/off cruise control to check the scooter status. 

Target Audience and Product Positioning

Hiboy Max Pro electric scooter targets urban commuters and outdoor enthusiasts to explore the routes with its high-end performance. Its top-notch features provide the suitability of Max Pro for daily commuting and recreational activities to be your best companion during journeys.