HIBOY US:31 Aug, 2023

Hiboy Max Pro vs. Gotrax GMAX ULTRA: Detailed Comparison

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Introduction: Setting the Stage

Electric scooters have made their mark in the vehicle market and have emerged as a superb commuting solution. Be it their sneak-in capability in heavy traffic owing to their size or incredible speed to make you reach anywhere in time, you will never return once you start using it. But the most critical aspect is it's being eco-friendly. It has led the way to its soaring sales across the world. Many companies are finding efficient ways to bring the most of their expertise to the market with their e-scooter brands, and you can test-drive numerous variants before settling for one. 

Today, we are going to compare two viral e-scooter variants that have made their art acknowledged through their efficient specs. It is Hiboy Max Pro  vs. Gotrax GMAX ULTRA. We will further compare their strengths and weaknesses so you get a critical, deep insight into both.



Before moving on to the main specs, let us get quick overview stats of both the variants in e-scooters. Here is a comparison table:

Hiboy Max Pro



500 W (Max 650 W)

500 W


48V 15AH Li-ion

48V 15AH Li-ion

Max Speed

22 Mph

20 Mph


46.6 Miles

25-35 Miles

Product Weight

51.59 lBS

45 LBS

Max Load

265 LBS

220 LBS


E-braking & Drum braking

E-Brake & Disc Brake




Tire (Front & Rear)

11-inch air-pneumatic tire


Max Climbing Capability




Front and Rear Shock Absorber


Light System

Three brilliant lights system With App Sync

LED HEADLIGHT Reactive Tail Light


LED Digital/App Sync


IP Rating






Showdown: Performance and Specifications

Herein, we are comparing the performance and e-vehicle specs of our competing finds to give a better study of numbers.


Hiboy Max Pro is a high-performing e-scooter with unique capabilities. The 22 mph speed makes daily commuting easy and can take 46 miles on a single charge. 

On the other hand, Gmax Ultra provides a max speed of 20mph, which is less than its counterpart. 

Motor power

Hiboy Max Pro has a max 650 W powerful and robust motor, making it capable of climbing steep hills quickly.

Gmax Ultra has a 500 W motor power, making it sluggish in swiftly climbing steep hills.


Hiboy Max Pro's acceleration time is around 8 to 9 seconds, which is slow owing to its less weight and robust motor.

It takes around 8 seconds for Gamx Ultra to reach 15 mph from 0 when you opt for initial acceleration. While engaging the throttle, you must push it off from the ground, slowing the acceleration part.


Hiboy Max Pro offers a great range of 46.6 miles.

Gmax Ultra offers a 25-35 miles range, an average number for a heavy e-scooter like Gmax.

Battery Efficiency

You can expect better battery efficiency in Hiboy Max Pro as it has a 48V 15Ah battery for better range

Gmax Ultra has a non-detachable 48V 15Ah battery(Large battery version), which is on the same side despite a bigger vehicle size.


The climb capabilities of the Hiboy Max Pro are 20 degrees.

Information needs to be provided regarding inclination in Gmax Ultra.


Whether we talk of Hiboy Max Pro or Gmax Ultra, you get folding capabilities on both electric scooters. So both are aces in this field. However, when we compared the tire dimensions of both the vehicles, Hiboy Max Po stands at pneumatic tires of 11 inches in comparison to 10-inch air-filled tires Pog Gmax Ultra. So, Hiboy offers a better grip of the terrain in extreme weather conditions of thunderstorms, rain, or even snow than Gmax.

Now let us talk about the weight of these vehicles. Hiboy Max Pro has a weight of 34 lbs, which makes it a sturdy e-scooter variant, whereas Gmax Ultra weighs around 46.3 lbs, which is quite bulky for an e-scooter. So, Gmax Ultra will be preferable for young adults who can handle their weight while managing it for daily commutes, whereas Hiboy Max Pro holds a place for all owing to its lower weight as it's more manageable.

The max load capacity of Hiboty Max Pro is 256 lbs, whereas Gmax Ultra is 220 lbs. So, despite being heavier, it supports less weight than Max Pro, which makes it lose one point against Max Pro. 

Both variants, Hiboy Max Pro and Gmax Ultra, are water-resistant models with IPX4 level ratings, so they can readily bear rain and snow conditions.

Riding Comfort and Handling

Now, let us get detailed insights into the riding comfort and handling capabilities of the two competing variants of e-scooters. 

The Hiboy Max Pro has a double suspension system at the front and rear ends and a fat 11-inch pneumatic tire that boasts a comfortable riding experience. Of course, it prevents the jerks and bumps you may experience on different terrains, thereby maintaining the ride quality and stability and giving better shock absorption to avoid fatigue traveling to the rider. 

On the contrary, Gmax Ultra has 10-inch pneumatic tires that offer lesser stability on bumpy grounds, making the ride less comfortable. Plus, the suspension is missing here, which makes the air-filled wheels do all the work. You must do extra maintenance on them as they tend to get punctured more often. 

In the Hiboy Max Pro, you get a front and rear drum brake and an electronic brake at the back end to provide a better grip on the road in case of sudden braking. This feature is missing in Gmax Ultra.

Hiboy also has three riding modes that are differentiated by different lights to give better guidance to the user. Herein, Red stands for Sports mode, Yellow for Normal mode, and Blue for Beginner mode. No such distinction through lights was seen in Gmax Ultra.  And Max pro still offer a variety of seating options to meet your comfort and style preferences.                                                                               

Smart Features and Connectivity

Hiboy Max Pro offers an intelligently integrated app capability that you can use to control and monitor your e-vehicle better. It connects using the Bluetooth of your mobile phone. You can also use the app to lock your vehicle too. Moreover, you can check battery levels and use other specs for a better traveling experience. Gmax Ultra does not offer an app integration like Hiboy to give detailed insights about the e-scooter.

Using the Hiboy Max Pro dashboard lets you locate settings for cruise control and speed customization and get an edge over your vehicle. Plus, you can control the riding mode and switch between beginner, regular, and sports modes anytime, as per your preference. However, these capabilities were not seen in Gmax Ultra.

In Hiboy Max Pro, the LED lights are present as a headlight, tail light, and a side deck light and are strong enough not to let you miss a single thing on the road, even in low lights. You can operate them via a button given on the LED panel. While in Gmax Ultra, the LED headlight comes with a reflector, and you can monitor distance traveled and speed along with a battery available through an LED display. However, the lights are not strong enough to make the night ride comfortable.

These features help enhance your user experience as they make your ride convenient and comfortable. But Hiboy Max Pro offers more features than Gmax Ultra, so a heads up.

The Bottom Line

Electric scooters have paved the way towards a sustainable and eco-friendly environment, making traveling cheaper. Its ability to squeeze in and sneak out of heavy traffic saves time and leaves you energetic to tackle important work of the day. 

Our motive for comparing Hiboy Max Pro and Gmax Ultra is to provide you with the best e-scooter variant to give you an edge towards mobility and rigid experience. After comparing even the minute specs, we have concluded that the Hiboy Max Pro offers better grip on the road through its 11-inch thick tires. Also, it can handle more weight, has better inclination, and is lightweight, offering quick app integration. So, our vote goes to Hiboy Max Pro.