Leon Wang:14 Aug, 2023

Hiboy S2 Pro vs. Gotrax ECLIPSE: Which One is Better?

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Setting the Stage

E-scooters are gaining global popularity as an eco-friendly solution for commuting worldwide. These vehicles are sturdy, easy to handle among traffic loads, and easy to carry. With lesser rules to follow, these are emerging as vehicles of convenience, comfort, and budget-friendly find.  

Today we will discuss two popular variants of e-scooters: Hiboy S2 Pro and Gotrax ECLIPSE.

We will critically compare the two and evaluate and ponder the strengths and weaknesses of the two e-scooters.

Overview STAT

Before we proceed with technical aspects in detail, let us talk about the values each e-scooter offers in various capabilities.

S2 Pro



500 W

500 W


36V 11.6Ah Li-ion

36V 12aH Li-ion

Max Speed

19 mph

20 mph


25 miles

25 miles

Product Weight

36.3 lb



Double braking system

Double braking system




Tire (Front & Rear)

10-inch honeycomb tires


Max Climbing Capability




Dual rear suspensions

Front Wheel

Light System 

Three brilliant lights system With App Supported

LED HEADLIGHT Reactive Tail Light

IP Rating





(Now at $449.99)


Hiboy S2 Pro

Hiboy S2 Pro is an exquisite model of perfection for an electric scooter. Its cost efficacy, eco-friendly qualities, and efficiency instantly make you fall for it as a commute. It has a lightweight aluminum framework constructed with craftsmanship to provide a sturdy structure while traveling. With one charge, you can travel up to 25 miles at a whopping 19 miles per hour. 

The presence of wide tires provides for additional grip on the road, along with making the ride smooth and full of comfort. While the dual brakes bring you to a complete halt, and the rear dual shock absorber ingests all the vibrations and shocks irrespective of the bumpy terrain.

Notable Features:

  • Provision of LED headlights.
  • Comfortable and sleek design.
  • 500W powerful motor.
  • One tap speed and cruise control.
  • Availability of an app for easier management.


Folded size

45.3 x 16.5 x 19.3 inches

Unfolded size

45.3 x 16.5 x 47.6 inches

Diameter of tyre

10 inches

Age recommended 

16 to 60 years

Front and rear tyres type

Honeycomb tyres of 10 inches

Maximum load

220 lbs

Charging time

4 to 6 hours

Gotrax Eclipse

Gotrax Eclipse is an excellent combination of comfortable ride and smooth feel owing to its suspension at the front wheel. It also protects the rider during the ride due to its EABS brake. You can go up to a speed of 20 mph and can go for 32 miles without needing a second charge. 

It can slide easily through traffic because of its sleek design. Moreover, some spectacular added-on features like a one-touch fold, lock with digital code, etc., add to its specialty. Its bright lights can take you through dark patches swiftly. 

Notable Features:

  • Foldable and sleek design.
  • Efficient battery with long life.
  • Bright light to make night driving easier.
  • Two variable modes of speed.
  • Pneumatic tires of 10 inches. 



47.5 x 21.4 x 21.8 inches

Diameter of tyre

10 inches

Age recommended 

16 to 60 years

Front and rear tyres type

10 inches pneumatic

Maximum load

264 lbs

Charging time

4 to 6 hours

Since you have seen different features and specifications of both the variants of e-scooters, now is the time to give you a detailed and unbiased comparative view.

Power Play - Performance Comparison

Both Hiboy Pro and Gotrax Eclipse have a motor power of 500W. S2 Pro can go up to a breathtaking 19 mph speed, whereas Gotrax can touch a rate of a step higher at 20 mph.

The Hiboy S2 Pro's maximum speed is one mph lower than the Gotrax ECLIPSE, but you will hardly notice this difference when you ride both e-scooters.

You can also find that S2 Pro supports a climbing angle or inclination of 15%, whereas the Eclipse can go to a step down of 14%.

Cruising Range - Endurance Battle

With a slightly larger battery of 36V 12aH Li-ion, Gotrax may ace the size game with Hiboy, which stands at 36V 11.6Ah Li-ion. However, the range for both e-scooters will remain the same. Also, both take a charging time of 4 to 5 hours.


Hiboy S2 Pro is also known for its comfortable commuting capabilities. Its foldable design is lighter at 36.3 lbs making it easier to carry or escape through heavy traffic. 

On the other hand, Gotrax Escape, which is also foldable, is slightly heavy as it stands at 37 lbs giving a tough time to your muscles.

Tire: Both S2 and Gotrax have adaptive tires of 10 inches. However, the honeycomb structure in S2 allows for better absorption of jerks as it evenly distributes the shocks while riding.

However, both vehicles provide the same IPX4 level water resistance capabilities if we talk about water resistance.

Riding Comfort and Handling

S2 Pro has two advanced rear spring shock absorbers that help take all the shocks met during bumpy rides through rough terrains. It makes the ride stable and takes in all the vibrations to give minimal impact on the rider keeping the control ride. You can expect your rides to be smooth even if you travel for a longer distance or time.

On the other hand, Gotrax Eclipse has a double suspension at the front that helps in better absorption of any jerk resulting from any bump, pothole, or road cracks. However, there is no suspension at the back, so you can expect little discomfort while riding.

Smart Features and Connectivity

The LED display is clear and sharp and can quickly give readouts to features like distance, speed, battery life, and other details in both vehicles. But S2 Pro improves night excursion due to its high-mounted headlight.

Also, there are some extra options other than a detachable seat that give brownie points to S2 Pro. Cruise control helps prolong the battery life, making its use economical. Other than this, the availability of a mobile app lets you make adjustments to acceleration capacity and control the vehicle's responsiveness. Plus, it provides riding statistics in real-time, and via Bluetooth connectivity you can use the app on Android and iOS devices.

S2 also has enhanced security owing to the cable lock that comes as an in-built feature.

On the other hand, Gotrax Eclipse includes a digital code that adds to its security. It engages the riding experience as the rider can gauge the vehicle's performance while riding and keeps an eye on when it's draining out.

Final Words

After a crucial comparison of Hiboy S2 Pro and Gotrax Eclipse, we can summarize that both have a similar 500W motor capacity and the same range coverage. Both of these come with a double braking system and Y-folding capability. However, Hiboy S2 Pro is significantly lighter, making it slide easily through traffic areas. 

Plus, the mobile app availability gives information about all valuable aspects such as battery, real-time statistics of riding, etc. With the inclusion of these ads and a little hype in its price, Eclipse is worthy.

But wait! The cherry on the cake is Hiboy's back-to-school season pricing, making it an affordable e-scooter find at $449.99, even below the Gotrax Eclipse price. So, grab it at the earliest to avail the offer.