HIBOY US:30 May, 2023

Introducing the HIBOY S2R Plus: Elevate Your Ride with the Upgraded Electric Scooter Experience


Electric scooters are eco-friendly, and recently, they have observed a significant demand with endless options to cater to the riders' needs. Amidst the pool of illimitable choices, HIBOY S2R Plus electric scooter stands out with its impressive features, outshining its competitors.  

HIBOY S2R Plus electric scooter is the latest addition to the HIBOY lineup, designed to elevate your riding experience, and is a perfect fit for daily commuters and leisure riders. It offers solutions to the ones seeking a competent yet enjoyable mode of transportation. 

This blog post showcases the essential features of the HIBOY S2R Plus and highlights the significant upgrades of the S2R Plus electric scooter.

Essential Features of the HIBOY S2R Plus

Hiboy's S2R Plus core features make it a standout electric scooter among its competitors. For instance, its motor, stylish and sleek design, and lightweight construction helps the e-scooter deliver superior performance and versatility.

Some of the core features that the riders can expect from HIBOY S2R Plus include;

Sports a 350 W Powerful Motor

HIBOY S2R Plus has a 350 W brushless motor that reaches high speed effortlessly and delivers solid acceleration to handle many different terrains and a thrilling riding experience. Also, its 9-inch air-filled (pneumatic) tires absorb shock and vibrations to ensure a smooth and stable ride.

Offers Multiple Speed Modes 

HIBOY S2R Plus has two-speed modes to provide flexibility and enable riders to adjust the speed according to their desire and the terrain they are riding on. Moreover, it comes with an adjustable handlebar height for a customizable riding experience. 

313 Wh Detachable Battery 

The battery provides ample power and hassle-free recharge with easy replacement to ensure you enjoy a terrific electric scooter experience. 

Regenerative Brakes 

When braking energy converts into power, efficiency increases, and range is extended significantly. For example, you can enjoy smooth but controlled braking while maximizing the battery life—definitely, a go-to electric scooter for eco-conscious commuters.  

Cruise Control

HIBOY S2R Plus ensures its riders a relaxed and comfortable ride by enabling them to set and maintain a desired speed without a constant throttle for an undisturbed focus on the road. 

Dual Light System

HIBOY's S2R Plus has improved visibility and safety with front and rear lights to boost riders' confidence to navigate even in low-light conditions. In addition, it has dual lights for clear visibility to enhance overall safety for nighttime riders. 

Split Wheel Design

S2R Plus combines style and practicality and offers improved stability and flexibility while adding a modern touch to its overall design. 

Top Speed of 19 MPH with Max Range of 22 Miles 

HIBOY S2R Plus is capable of reaching the top speed of 19 mph to keep pace with traffic and reach the destination quickly and goes to a max range of 22 miles to cover ample distance for leisure rides and daily commutes 

Constant Support Through the Hiboy S2 App

You are just a click away from resolving all your queries through the constant assistance on the HIBOY S2 app. Just Bluetooth-connect the HIBOY S2 app to lock/unlock your electric scooter, customize the speed, and activate cruise control in iPhones and Android smartphones. 

Other Features

  • Quick charge time of 5 to 6 Hours 
  • The light weight of 31.5 lbs
  • Efficient to take a maximum load of 220 lbs (or 100 kgs)
  • Waterproof rating IPX4
  • Max climbing capability of 15 degrees 
  • Bright headlight and taillight for enhanced visibility and nighttime safety 
  • Features an e-braking and mechanical disc braking system for efficient stopping power
  • Dual-rear suspensions
  • Compact and foldable design for greater portability and transportation 
  • LED digital display 

Extended Range: Amplify Your Adventures

HIBOY S2R Plus ensures riders an amplified adventure by offering a significant upgrade in battery life from the original S2R to the S2R Plus. 

Where HIBOY S2R features a max range of 17 miles (under specific conditions), S2R Plus is designed to deliver an increased range of 22 miles, allowing riders to embark on longer journeys and explore more without worrying about recharging.

Upgraded Tires: Unparalleled Stability and Comfort

The enhanced tire upgrade from 8.5-inch solid tires (in S2R electric scooter) to 9-inch air-filled pneumatic tires on the S2R Plus is another terrific upgrade to ensure riders get a stable ride.

Of course, larger tires contribute to improved stability, better traction, and enhanced comfort, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Performance-Driven Upgrades: Taking Riding to New Heights

The upgraded battery life and larger tires of HIBOY S2R Plus synergistically enhance the overall performance of your electric scooter. 

Removable and regenerative battery with separate charging provides extended range and eco-conscious transportation. Furthermore, the reliable and responsive regenerative braking system also maximizes energy efficiency. It converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy, which can be used to recharge the battery to deliver a satisfying and high-performance riding experience. 

The large tires are shock and vibration-absorbing to offer a stable and comfortable ride with excellent traction. These enhancements give riders more power, improved control, and a thrilling experience on various terrains.

User-Friendly Design: Intuitive and Convenient

HIBOY S2R Plus electric scooter boasts user-friendly design elements that make it a joy to ride. It features an intuitive control panel with a straightforward and user-friendly assembly process. In addition, the scooter's display and controls provide convenience and customization for riders to enjoy smooth and flexible riding. 

Also, it has two adjustable riding modes to set a preferred speed pending on the riding surface; flat road or hilly terrain and easy maneuverability, ensuring a seamless and customizable riding experience.

Comparative Analysis of Technical Specifications of HIBOY S2R and HIBOY S2R Plus




Max Range

17 Miles

22 Miles

Top Speed

19 MPH

19 MPH

Max Load

220 lbs/ 100 kgs

220 lbs/ 100 kgs

Waterproof Rating




45.9 × 16.9 × 45.3 in (unfolded)

45.9 × 16.9 × 20.5 in (folded)

44.1 x 16.9 x 49.2 in


350 W

350 W


36V 7.5 Ah Li-ion Battery

36 V 8.7 Ah Li-ion Battery 

Storage Time 

3 months (after a full recharge)

3 months (after a full recharge)


8.5-inch solid tires

9-inch air-filled pneumatic tires

Product Weight 

30.8 lbs/ 13.97 kgs

31.5 lbs/ 14.29 kgs

Max Climbing Capability 

15 degrees

15 degrees

Brake System 

E-braking and Disc-braking 

E-braking and Disc-braking  


LED headlight + taillight + sidelight

LED headlight + taillight 



Dual rear suspensions 

Charging Time 

4 - 6 hours

5 - 6 hours 



LED Digital

Recommended Age

12 - 60 years old

16 - 60 years old

Final Verdict

The HIBOY S2R Plus enhances the overall riding experience and provides convenience with seamless control and monitoring. With bright headlights and taillights for better visibility and a responsive regenerative braking system, your safety is never at stake. 

HIBOY S2R Plus offers excellent value for its performance and features and ensures a great experience for daily commuters and leisurely rides. HIBOY's S2R Plus electric scooter is one stylish transportation that is reliable and eco-conscious, and you'll love to brag with a smooth and comfortable riding experience.