Leon Wang:20 Jun, 2023

Trendy Top 5 Bicycle Racks for E-Bikes: Tips & Picks

Bicycle Racks for E-Bikes


When traveling in a car has become a compulsion and necessity, riding an e-bike is relaxing, refreshing, adventurous, and fun entertainment while traveling in your city. When the regular bicycle takes on your nerve to ride in any hill area or long distance travel, with the built-in battery-boost motor support e-bike, you need less mussel power for paddling to ride more distance.

However, if you want to enjoy your E-bike ride anywhere, anytime, even if you are not in your living location, the best rack for an E-bike is the savior. 

A durable, strong, flexible, safe, and easily installable rack for an e-bike could be the most hassle-free option to carry your E-bike in your car wherever you want. Now, while selecting bicycle racks for e-bikes, you just have to be careful about factors like material, load capacity, safety features, loading-unloading features, etc., as this product carrying your expensive e-bike will be attached to the outside area of your car. So, let's see the factors you must consider while buying the best rack for e-bike.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bicycle Rack for E-Bikes

While carrying your e-bike in your car, you always get more conscious about your bike than the bike rack. However, to ensure the safety of your favorite fancy e-bike, you must check some primary factors in your e-bike rack. 

Load Capacity & Compatibility: While selecting the best racks for e-bikes, you must pick the one with a maximum weight-carrying capacity to carry a minimum of two e-bikes. The rack's design has to be compatible with the size and shape of your e-bike.

Durability & Car Compatibility: You must be careful about the built metal quality to ensure the strength and durability of the product. It must stand out despite the road conditions. The rack must be compatible with your car's size, shape, and storage space. Select a rack that is compatible with most of the vehicle.

Flexible Installation & Hitch Requirement: As you don't want to spend a huge amount of time in the installation of the rack, loading, or unloading of the e-bike, you need maximum flexibility in mounting options like clam mount, hitch mount, or tire mount, etc. So, you must look for the tilt level option with foldable features for easy and smart handling.

Safety features & Anti-theft measure: While selecting a rack, you must look for the most high-quality advanced locking system as your e-bike will be attached to the outside of your car for a long period. Despite using the rack's safety lock system, you can also use additional locking options to ensure your bike's complete security.

Budget Friendly: To look for the budget-friendly best rack for e-bike, you should never compromise on its quality. So, you must go through multiple products to pick the best one with multiple features and specifications in your bearable budget. Sometimes, a cheap product could cost your expensive e-bike.

Top Picks for Best Bicycle Racks for E-Bikes in 2023

Before picking up any random e-bike rack, you must go through the top 5 best racks for e-bikes with their specifications and reviews to pick the most suited one to meet your specific purpose.

Rack 1: KAC Bike Rack for Electric Bikes 

KAC is one of the most reputed brands to select the best racks for e-bikes. Its two bike mounting options with multiple mounting features, such as tires, clamp, hitch, etc., make this rack flexible and customizable. It offers a lifetime warranty on its parts and materials.

Features & Specifications

  • Black-colored 120-pound capacity
  • Alloy steel made platform style hitch mounted rack
  • 2 bike support with a 2-inch hitch receiver.
  • Tire & frame strap with lock system adjustable padded frame hook.
  • Powder-coated, heavy-duty hitch bike rack.
  • Safe & secure with a locking anti-wobble hitch system.
  • Access gear without removing the bike rack.


  • Smart Tilt lever for easy release of the e-bikes from the rack without unloading hassle.
  • Quick assemble and minting to any car, SUV, or track.
  • Folding design for easy storage.


  • Not suitable for RVs & 5th wheel trailers.

Customer Ratings: 4.5/5

Rack 2: Vibrelli Bike Rack for Electric Bikes

When you are looking for a budget-friendly e-bike rack, Vibrelli is a very authentic choice with 2 bike mounting options & 130 lbs weights carrying advantages. It offers easy installation with simple assembly instructions.

Features & Specifications

  • 2-inch Hitch receiver with 130 lbs total weight.
  • 5 inches tire width with 50 inches wheel-base length
  • Easy release with title down 
  • Fold-up feature for small storage
  • Safety straps with Patented anti-wobble


  • Best for Car & SUV
  • Trunk-Mount, Hitch Mount, & Hitch Rack
  • Locking cable with triple lock functions with keys
  • Flexible wheel cradles


  • A separate frame adapter must be purchased for ladies' step-through frame bikes.

Customers Ratings: 4.6/5

Rack 3: Thule Bike Rack for Electric Bikes

When you prioritize the high quality and metal of your e-bike rack, nothing would be the best but the Thule Bike Rack with an Aluminum metal body. This is one of the best racks for e-bikes, suitable for all cars and climates.

Features & Specifications

  • Available in black color in Aluminum & Plastic
  • 130-pound total weight capacity with power grip mounting type.
  • Easyfold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack fits 2" & 1 ¼" receivers.
  • Tool-free installation with a foldable option.
  • Full locking with easy Trunk access.


  • Bike loading ramp for convenient storage.
  • Integrated Ergonomic Transport feature
  • Anti-theft features for ultimate safety.
  • Very light-weighted rack


  • Comparatively expensive product.

Customers Ratings: 4.5/5

Rack 4: Saris Bike Rack for E-Bikes

When you are on a group trip and you look for an e-bike rack with multiple bike-carrying options, the Saris bike is the best choice for its Alloy steel material and multiple flexible features. It also has 2 bike rack products for your couple's ride.

Features & Specifications

  • Alloy steel with hitch mount
  • 190 lb total weight for 4 tires.
  • 20" to 29" up to 4 tires.
  • No frame contact
  • Hitch receiver size 2"


  • Integrated lock with foldable function.
  • Head-turning reflector for visibility in low light.
  • Built-in bottle opener.
  • Tilting option for hassle-free unloading.


  • Not suitable for carrying a single e-bike.

Customer Ratings: 4.3/ 5

Rack 5: HYPERAX Bike Rack for E-Bikes

When you need a strong and heavy weighted rack, HYPERAX is the perfect brand for the best rack for e-bikes with a heavyweight. It also manufactures the best quality accessories for your e-bike rack for maximum customization and utility.

Features & Specifications

  • Carbon steel metal with 170 lb loading capacity for 2 e-bikes.
  • Compatible with RV, Trailer, Camper, Motorhome
  • 2" Class 3 Hitch receiver.
  • High-end safety with pin lock & frame lock.
  • 5" tire with 58-inch wheel-base support.


  • Heavily weighted racks to carry the maximum load.
  • Built-in soft rubber hook to add extra protection without damaging the paint of the bike.
  • Fold & hang with a top carrying hook.
  • Velcro wheel holder strap.


  • Wheel-based support must be wider.

Customer Ratings: 4.5/ 5

Tips For Properly Using & Maintaining Your Bicycle Rack

After returning from your trip, no matter how tired you are, you must keep your e-bike rack properly. You also need to maintain the rack from time to time so that the next time you use it, the rack will be in its best condition. So, here are some tips and tricks to use and maintain your best rack for e-bike.

Proper Bike Loading with Security Measure: Before loading the bike, you must ensure that you have installed the rack while following all the instructions and security functions. So that it will carry and hold your e-bike without any issues. While loading and unloading the bike, you must be very careful and follow the proper measure instructed in the rack's manual.

Cleaning & Storage Tips: After every use, wash your rack with water-soluble liquid to clean the dirt and dust particles and dry it properly before storing it. You have to store it in a clean place while folding it properly and don't keep any heavy things on top of your rack.

Regular checking & Parts' Care: After one time cleaning your rack, don't leave it for years when it is not in use. Instead, you must check it regularly and repeat the cleaning process every month. Don't forget to give some oil-based lubricant in the locks and different joints of the parts to maintain its mobility and flexibility.

Keep All the parts together: While storing and folding your rack, make sure that you keep all the essential parts and accessories in one place for easy and convenient access. This way, you would neither miss nor lose anything.


Your one-time investment on the best rack for e-bike could be your lifetime investment if you follow the above-mentioned instructions properly. While selecting the most adequate one, you must properly care for your rack irrespective of its use. Remember that the safety and security of your favorite e-bike will depend entirely on the rack's features, quality, and care.