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Our Top Picks to Amaze You With Fastest Electric Scooters in 2024

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Electric scooters have recently become popular owing to their ease of use, convenience, and safety. Apart from being lightweight, they are also portable and easy to carry if you are a frequent solo traveler. You can opt for them over other vehicles for a short city ride as they are cost-effective as well. 

 But, if you have to reach a place in time, you must know how fast does electric scooter go. Electric scooters are least known for their speed, as their extra benefits may make you forget about speed. However, you can still ride most of them at a top speed of 24-40 kph, and it is a pretty good speed to reach your location timely. Still in doubt? Grab one electric scooter and drive straight at 30-35 kph for at least half an hour, and you will be impressed.


Top Picks for Electric Scooters: Top Speed and Much More

Enough talking about the electric scooter speed; now let us show some top models to make you believe in their efficiency. The details mentioned about these electric scooters will make you ponder upon these wonders.

Hiboy Titan Pro 


Hiboy Titan Pro

Speed: 32 mph or 51.5 kmph

Hiboy Titan Pro is ideal for off-roading and riders with higher weights. This beast is fierce in riding with a dual 2400 W DC motor that is brushless. It can easily reach up to a speed of 32 mph. It can take up to a load of 286 lbs or 130 kg. Monitor your speed, battery performance, total miles covered, and gear using the bright display.


  • Portable design with folding capabilities
  • 10-inch tires for off-roading
  • Double disc brakes
  • Rear dual shock suspension


  • It is not easily portable owing to its heavy structure
  • Short handlebar height restricts it to users of a specific height


Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11+

Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11+

Speed: 50 mph or 80 kmph

Kaboo Wolf Warrior 11+ will help you check off all the off-road adventures from your bucket list. You can use it to quench your thirst for a high-speed experience or simply for long distances. It is a sturdy electric scooter that gives you a massive 70 Mile range and will not let you sweat between covering the destinations. On weekends you can unleash the off-roading beast to get the most out of this product.  


  • Budget-friendly
  • Powerful hydraulic braking system
  • The frame is quite sturdy
  • Dual headlights are strong for better visibility, with cool lights for creating swag


  • When folded, the scooter cannot be locked
  • Heavyweight


Turbowheel Lightning+

Turbowheel Lightning+

Speed: 40 mph or 64 kmph

Turbowheel lightning+ is a good choice for an electric scooter with 3600 watts of power from dual Motors. With a 40 mph top speed, it can go up to a range of 40 miles and weighs only 77 lbs. The coil-sprung damped suspension gives the rear and the front wheels better control on the road and makes the ride smoother. The powerful disc brakes can be used for an immediate halt during the ride, and it comes with a great display to monitor various aspects a rider needs to gauge.


  • Runs on any terrain, from grass to uneven streets and even dirt hills
  • Multiple modes for riding
  • Capacity to bear 330 pounds of weight
  • Deck light features excellent night vision capability


  • No water protection 
  • Sometimes locking mechanism loosens and produces a squeaky sound 


Segway Superscooter GT2

Segway Superscooter GT2

Speed: 43.5 mph or 70 kmph

Segway Superscooter GT2 Comes with a hydraulic disc brake and a sturdy aluminum frame. It can take up to 150 kg and has a powerful motor for a smooth ride. You can adjust its four-speed mode to achieve the desired distance. It has tubeless tires and long battery life, so you don't need to charge it time and again during the journey. However, with changes in weight, weather, and road conditions, things may change.


  • Multiple speed modes
  • Robust motor
  • Powerful brakes
  • High speed


  • Not budget friendly
  • Very heavy


Dualtron X Electric Scooter

Dualtron X Electric Scooter

Speed: 37.3 mph or 60 kph

With a massive power output of 6720 watts, Dualtron X is perfect for off-roading trips. Its big tires adopt the rough road well to give you extra grip on rough terrains. The rear and front wheels have a damped and coil suspension for a smooth ride. It can go up to a massive range of 93 miles. The brakes are sturdy and robust to prevent immediate high-speed protection.


  • Remarkable acceleration capabilities.
  • Tremendous and powerful LED lighting
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Steering with a good grip


  • Heavy weight makes it non-portable
  • Massively expensive


What are the Factors that affect electric scooter speed?

Are you aware of how fast an e-scooter goes? Certain factors play a significant role in affecting the speed of an electric scooter. Let us find out about them in detail.

Motor power and torque:

An electric scooter's speed depends upon the power of its motor, which is calculated in wattage. The rule goes that the higher the motor power will enable it to handle more power and heat, and you can match the top speed quickly. You can also choose between variants with single or dual motors as it impacts the rate. 

Battery life and range: 

For increasing the speed of your electric scooter, you must focus on its battery life. For example, a fresh, extensive, and strong battery will reach the top speed quickly, and you can cover more distance in less time. Additionally, the range offered by the electric scooter also plays a significant role. The higher the speed range, the more influential the vehicle will be. 

Rider weight and terrain: 

In case the weight of the rider is closer to the importance of the scooter, it will make an adverse impact on its speed. E.g., A person with a light weight will drive a scooter faster than a person with a heavyweight. Additionally, the terrain you are traveling on also matters. For example, if you live in a hilly area, your requirements will differ, whereas if you drive in a city, a speed over 40mph will not be needed.

Regulations: Local Laws

After learning how fast scooters go, you must also know what rules and law guidelines you must follow to avoid trouble while riding them. From state to state or places all around the World, there are certain speed limits set for vehicles. E.g., sidewalks are banned in some areas for electric scooters. At the same time, the speed limit may vary from 16 to 32 mph. So, it's better to understand the legal speed limit for electric scooters in your area before buying a specific model.

Also, DMV registration and a driver's license are required at specific places to travel with an e-scooter. The minimum age may range from 12+ to 16+ years, depending upon states or regions. Keep a check on current laws running in your vicinity to not fall victim to a violation of rules at any time.

As a safety guideline, always wear a helmet and all other safety gear, like knee pads, elbow pads, etc., to have a good experience while riding an electric scooter.


We have shared almost everything you need to know about electric scooters. So, after going through this write-up, are you amazed at how fast electric scooters go? You can opt for any of them after inspecting the terrain of your surroundings, budget, and daily traveling needs. Meanwhile, keep a check on the regulations regulated by the State on driving an electric scooter, especially the permissible speed. By abiding by the set traffic laws and having handy gadgets like helmets, and safety gear, you will be far from trouble and enjoy a smooth ride daily. 


We believe we have given you enough insights to grab an electric scooter immediately through our suggested finds. For any further queries, get a sight of the following FAQs.

  1. How many watts is suitable for an electric scooter?

Depending upon the use, 500 W is suitable for entry-level, whereas 500-1000 W helps you achieve speeds up to 37 mph. Moreover, 1000-3000 W stands for extreme performance. So, anything between 250-750 W suits an average rider. 

  1. Is 15 mph too fast for an electric scooter?

For any modern electric scooter, 15 mph is neither fast nor slow but an ideal count. 

  1. Things to Ponder upon when Buying an Electric Scooter

Here is a list of valuable points that you can consider while buying an electric scooter:

  • Compact Built
  • High range to cover distances
  • Adjustable and portable
  • Power and voltage of the battery
  • The capability of absorption of shock
  • Practical in reaching various destinations
  • Additional features like dashboards, phone holders, etc.

  1. How To Prevent Flat Tires on Your Electric Scooter?

Any puncture, surface damage, or air leakage may lead to a puncture of tires. So it is better to prevent such cases by using the following tips;

  • Regular cleaning of tires
  • Driving with caution
  • Installation of tire liners
  • Maintaining balanced air pressure
  • Using durable tires
  • Using paved roads