Hiboy TITAN PRO Electric Scooter

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As fierce as a beast, the Giant born for off road riding.
The Titan Pro features a dual 2400 W (1200 W x 2) brushless DC motor able to deliver enough power to speed up to 32 mph. Designed for riders who need high weight load or off road racing fanatics. Max Load 286lb/130kg.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 181 reviews
Cihan Ugur (Brooklyn, US)
Brakes insufficient

The thing does 32mph yet has mechanical brakes instead of hydraulic brakes which is absurd. Your brakes are going to work depending on how hard you can squeeze the brakes. Too many close calls had to sell it. As for it being water proof, the charging cover literally came off by itself which I have no clue how that happens

Joseph L Mitchell (Chicago, US)
Best Service Ever!!

I apologize it took me a little while to get around to writing a review for my favorite scooter and scooter company. Now understand, I actually bought this scooter when it wasn’t on sale and the company isn’t giving me anything to write this review.
Long story short, I am 6.0 about 230 pounds and ride my scooter to and from work almost 6 days a week. My back tire wiring with the motor somehow fell in between the frame and the wheel and got pretty much sliced from my weight.
I attempted to order the parts because I possessed the HiBoy Titan Pro longer than the warranty covered but of course, got it wrong.
I then contacted customer service and it took a little while but they fixed everything. Including replacing my back wheel rudder. They are outstanding! The only reason I believe it took a little while was because they may actually be located in China. Travel time, different time zone and possibility of being lost in translation. But the point is it got done and they went beyond. Patience is always the key. Woosah.

But these guys were great and I love my HiBoy Pro Scooter.

Joseph representing Chicago, IL

eduardo patino (Cicero, US)

Hiboy TITAN PRO Electric Scooter

Kelly (Denver, US)
Overall Good

I wrote a review about three weeks ago but see it's been deleted.

Overall it's a good scooter. A LOT of power. I'm 6'3", 215 lbs and have used this for commuting to the bus stop. I rented a bike locker from the bus system here in Denver and use that to store it during the day. It is not a scooter to bring on the bus or train with you (see how much it weighs). The options for power management are also good. (Use one or both motors at a time and have three modes for each of those functions)

The locking mechanism for locking the handlebars upright are not meant for frequently taking it down. It loosens after riding for a time.

The rear fender could be better as there is a gap in it allowing water and mud to fly up.

Overall a good scooter for someone my size.

Mary Ann Betlach (Janesville, US)
Hiboy Titan Pro

This scooter is awesome for trail riding. My son bought it and was counting down the days until he could ride it. It goes a little fast for me but anyone seeking thrills is going to find this a great scooter.

Where is Brittany (Lawrenceville, US)
Whoa!! Talk About Power!!

This scooter is more powerful than I expected, and that's a good thing. So far, I've only gotten up to 17mph lol I'm slowly making my way up. I rode it on different terrain while camping and it handled so well in the gravel, grass, and dirt roads. It handles very well, and it's a great addition to my lifestyle of life on the road.