Gary Singer:06 Dec, 2022

Top 6 Best Electric Scooters With Seat 2023

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top 5 best electric scooter with seat



Whether commuting daily or taking long excursions or trips, you want the best electric scooter with a seat. An electric scooter is a type of stand-up scooter that is powered by a small electric hub motor. As America looks for ways to reduce its carbon footprint, electric scooter have become a popular mode of transportation whether they are entry level or premium. Since more people are using scooters for their commute, a seat is a necessary addition. So, what are the best electric scooters with a seat?

6 Best Electric Scooters with Seat

Hiboy S2 Pro with seat

hiboy s2 Pro best electric scooter with seat


The Hiboy S2 pro electric scooter is a great option whether you are a daily commuter or an adventure enthusiast. It is one fastest electric scooter models with the convenience of high power, long range, and portability.


500W Motor Brushless Motor: On days when everything seems to slow you down, Hiboy S2 can get you there fast with its powerful electric, brushless motor with speeds up to 19 mph.
Maximum Long-Range Distance: The regenerative battery is fully functional for up to 25 miles on a charge.
Customized Speed and Cruise Control: Cruise Control takes only three-click to control and activate.
High-Quality Lighting: Safety is important in all forms of transportation, especially at night. The S2 Pro has a brilliant lights system that includes the front, great, and side.
Rear Dual Shock Absorber: The S2 Pro shock is made of alloy spring steel that offers a comfortable and smooth ride.


Hiboy S2 with seat

hiboy s2 best electric scooter with seat


Do you want to get there fast without feeling every crack and bump in the road? Then, the S2 is right for you. The S2 has a max speed is 18 mph and a 17-mile range. The 8.5-inch wheels can get you there comfortably without tiring you out. It is foldable, which makes it easy to store and carry.

Other Features:

Lights System: The S2 offer a safe ride with taillights, headlights, and sidelights
Powerful Battery Pack: The 7.5 Ah Battery Pack battery can recharge in 5 hours.
Optional Seat The S2 scooter offers an optional seat that can make the ride smooth, and comfortable and can limit fatigue.

Hiboy Titan Pro with seat

hiboy Titan Pro best electric scooter with seat


If you are looking for a giant beast created for off-roading, then Titan Pro is for you. The Titan Pro features a dual 2400W brushless DC motor capable of speeds up to 32 mph. This bike is suitable for riders who are off-road enthusiasts or ones who carry heavy loads. The Titan has excellent climbing power for those living in a hillier environment.

Other Features:

Max Distance: The Titan Pro can get you there and back with an unbelievable range of 40 Miles.
Dual Suspension: This Scooter is an ideal choice for heavy riders with a maximum Load of up to 286 lbs. The suspension system gives riders a comfortable and smooth ride with added resistance on the landing.


Hiboy Ecom 14 with seat and basket

hiboy ecom 14 best electric scooter with seat


Whether you are carrying groceries or other odds and ends, the Ecom 14 has the features you need, from a height-adjustable to a detachable seat to a removable basket. The Ecom 14 has a high performance 450W motor capable of 22 mph top speed and its big 14-inch wheels make it easy to handle hills of 15 degrees.

Other Features:

Basket Cargo Carrier:You can carry your books, bags, or grocery in the detachable baskets. The basket can be folded up, when not in when you do not need it.
Comfortable Seat: The Ecom 14 has a soft padded seat with plenty of foot room making your ride smooth.
Power Battery: The 10Ah lithium-ion battery has a 5-6 hours charging time with a 31 Miles Max Range.

Hiboy S2 Max with seat

hiboy s2 Max best electric scooter with seat


S2 Max is an upgrade of the S2 Pro and ranks among the best long-range commuter scooters. It is designed for long-distance riders who live in and around cities and suburbs.

Other Features:

Three Riding Modes: Sports, Standard, and Eco modes can be accessed by the LED dashboard.
Powerful Battery Pack: The 48V 11.6Ah battery can recharge in 6 hours.
Dual Brake System: The regenerative brake and dual brake system can create power recycling that can reach up to 40 miles.

Hiboy KS4 Pro with seat


hiboy ks4 pro best electric scooter with seat


If you like high-tech, the KS4 Pro has it. With a big, smart display telling you your speed, Blue tooth security App, battery status, cruise control, and more, it is easy to switch between functions. KS4 Pro comes with a 500W motor, a high-capacity battery, and a 25-mile range per charge, making it ideal for city commuting.

Other Features:

Powerful Battery: The 36V 11.6AH battery has 5-6 hours of charging time with a 31 Miles Max Range.
Foldable and Portable SystemThe KS4 is a foldable scooter that can be carried with ease. The stylish design can be stored for last-mile riding.